2nd International Dance Festival



Munich, Germany


The International Dance Festival has 2 age diviions.                                                                                              

Age of each participant is determined as of 1 Januar of the festival year.

Age Group A

Ages 7 to 15

Age Group B

Ages 16 to 36

Each dance organization (dance school, club, studio, etc.) can register up to 5 dances.


In order an equal chance to be given to as many participants as possible to take the stage and participate at the festival, there is a limit considering the performance in the same style category:


A soloist participant can present only one solo in one of the style categories. But she or he is welcome to dance as a soloist in another style category. (e.g. first solo variation in classical ballet and second solo in Contemporary)


Each participant can participate once in a duo or trio in one of the style categories.


Each participant may participate in several group dances. Each group can participate once in a particular style category. For a mixed age group of dancers, the age category will be determined by the majority (e.g. in group of 5 dancers, in which three participants are 14 years old and two participants are 16 years old, the group should be registered in age group A. With 4 dancers - two of them 14 years old and two 17, the group should be registered in age category B.)


Classical Ballet

The participant's performance consists of classical ballet repertoire or choreography based on classical ballet technique.

Important: performance on pointe shoes is allowed from the of age of 12 and above.

Character Dance

The participant's performance consists of character stage dance, historical dance repertoire or is based on folk dance.

Contemporary; Neoclassical; Modern; Lyrical Jazz

The participant's performance consists of the dance technique, elements and the character corresponding to each one of the styles.

Dance Theater; Musical Jazz Dance

The participant's performance consists of the specific dance technique, elements and the character for the particular style.

Hip Hop, Show

The participant's performance consists of the dance technique, elements and the character corresponding to each one of the styles.


Solo up to 2:30 min (+ max 15 sec.)                  Duo/Trio up to 3:30 min (+ max 15 sec.)        Group up to 3:30 min (+ max 15 sec.)  


Participants may include the use of small props in their performance, however, the use of dangerous props or props that will damage the venue or harm people, such as: fire, sharp objects, knives, explosives, etc. are not permitted. Props must be brought on and off the stage by teachers or assistents in a timely manner. The stage must be cleaned and cleared of any debris and props must be removed from the wings immediately after the performance.


Registration Fees include: registration, theatre and stage time for a warm up, rehearsal and performance, participation in the conclusion choreography, diploma of participation. All fees must be paid within 2 weeks after the acknowledgement of the registration. Only after receiving the payment a place in the festival is guaranteed.

Note: ALL FEES are final and non-refundable (this includes if you drop due to injury or other personal reasons). In case IDF “Stage for Dance Art” cancels the festival due to lack of registration or other unforeseen circumstances, the registration fee will be refunded.

Solo - 36€ per dancer and dance  / if two or more solos 30€ per dance (they should be registered at once)

Duet/Trio - 20€ per dancer and dance

Group - 15€ per dancer and dance


Registration deadline: 7 May 2021

The number of the dance performances at the event is limited, therefore the confirmation of participation is strictly in order of incoming applications.


Please fill out the registration form and send it to You will receive an email, in which we will let you know if there are still places available. If so, please transfer the registration fee to the bank account given bellow within 2 weeks after receiving confirmation. Please then send your music to (see next point).

The exact schedule for the perfoming day will be sent to the participants about two weeks before the festival. The aproximate time you need to plan to be at the festival venue is from 9 am to 6 pm on the day of the Festival (Saturday).


Music must be entered by - will be announced. Please email your music to with the subject: Music Upload and name of the participant/s or group.

As a text in the same email please give again:

1. name of the music 2. name of the participant/s or group 3. name of the choreography 4. dance style 5 starting position: with the music or pose on stage

Please be sure that your music is named and in a good quality (vaf is preferable).




IDF "STAGE for DANCE ART" will provide every participant and every dance school with a certificate for a participation at the festival.

Special invitation from the Artistic Director

One performance in each of the age divisions could be awarded with the Invitation from the artistic director, which is:

Re-opening and no fees participation in the next IDF "Stage for Dance Art".  

The special prize - Invitation has the pure goal to motivate the participants, to give an honor to those who present their talent in a specific way and to encourage the dancers to give their best. The invitation could be given for stage presence, musicality, choreography, technical skills or others.


All of the particiapants at IDF "STAGE for DANCE ART" will take a part in a final stage choreography, which will be choreographed and learned on the day of the performance during the rehearsal time. It would give the participants the opportunity to present themselves and shine on the stage one more time and to be part of the great group conclusion of the festival.


IDF "Stage for Dance Art" will provide professional photography of each participant's performance for purchase.

No personal photography or videotaping will be permitted during the festival.


Release agreement: Permission is given for photo and video recordings of the respective participant to be made and that the photographic and video material may be used free of charge and solely for the purpose of promoting the IDF "Stage for Dance Art", wherein the photographic material can be purchased. For this purpose, no claims are raised by the participant from film and photo rights.


IDF "Stage for Dance Art" and the venue hosting the event are not responsible for any personal injury or property loss that is suffered by anyone attending or participating in the festival. IDF "Stage for Dance Art" reserves the right, when necessary, to relocate a festival site and/or make changes to festival days/times. All changes to original submitted entries must be in writing; no verbal requests will be honoured. IDF "Stage for Dance Art" reserves the right to cancel the event due to lack of registration or other unforeseen circumstance.

All participant are required to be in a good health condition and to be health insured.

IDF "Stage for Dance Art" expects respectful and courteous behavior from all their competitors, teachers, and guests.


Please trasfer the registration fee to the following acount:

IBAN:     DE79760260000446624901


Reason for payment: IDF "Stage for Dance Art" 2021 - Registration fee, your names


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