Please fill out the registration form and send it to You will receive an email, in which we will let you know if there are still places available. If so, please transfer the registration fee to the bank account given at Rules and Regulations within 2 weeks after receiving the confirmation. Please then send your music to with subject: Music Upload. We would ask you to give once again in the email with the music the following information: name of the music, name of the dance as well as the name of the participant.

Please pay attention that you only can participate as a soloist, duo/trio or group in only one dance style. e.g. A participant can perform only once with a solo variation in category classical ballet, but he or she is welcome to perform in another style (Modern) as a soloist, duo/trio or in a group.

You will find the bank account for paying the registration fee under rules & regulations.

Registration deadline: 7 May 2021

Please fill out the form electronically, so that we can extract the data correctly.

We are looking forwart wo a wonderful dance experience together!


As a great memory or as a media file for your dance portfolio, you can now have a look at the photos of the IDF Stage for Dance Art 2019. Link to the photographer's homepage and detailed information


2nd International Dance Festival


Teilnahmebedingungen - PDF

Anmeldeformular Solo - PDF

Anmeldeformular Duo/Trio - PDF

Anmeldeformular Gruppe - PDF

Anmeldeformular Grosse Gruppe - PDF


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