2nd International Dance Festival



Munich, Germany

27.12.2020 - Update about the choreographies for SFDA 2021

We hope all of you had warm and bright Christmas holidays. We all are looking forward to the new dance year. For those of you who have already started to train/pick or create a choreography, we would like to give some input and directions.

Although we don't have an answer on our hygiene concept yet, we hope that the situation will get better by June 26th 2021 and that we can enjoy the dance festival in a save way. In order to avoid conflicts with the current restrictions regarding the performances on stage, we would like to ask you to consider the following for the SFDA 2021:

We recommend choosing more solos. For duo/trios and small groups, please arrange the choreography with distances between the dancers.

We know that this may cost the vision and the idea of many choreographies*, but due to the situation we need to consider many aspects. We will keep you up to date with more details. We hope that in this way, we could be on the safe side and together make a wonderful dance experience happen.

*(If it is so, maybe you can pick another choreography more suitable for this time and keep the other for the next time)

30.11.2020 - UPDATE: Registration period for the 2nd IDF Stage for Dance Art 2021

Dear dancers,

dear dance teachers,

due to the still uncertain pandemic situation, we will postpone the start of registration by two months in order to take into account the applicable restrictions, which are closer to the event, and to receive the response to our hygiene concept. We also take into account the fact that many dance schools all around are currently closed and the importance of time in the dance studio.

Registration will start on March 1st, 2021 and ends as planned on May 7th, 2021

We very much hope that the situation will get better for everyone in the new year and that we can welcome you to SFDA 2021. We will keep you up to date and wish you a wonderful winter time.

17.08.2020 - NEW: SFDA WORKSHOP 2021

We are happy to announce, that as a part of the IDF Stage for Dance Art 2021, there will be a workshop, so that you can enjoy the event longer and have a wonderful experience with great dance teacher. Who they are and what styles are included will be announced next.

The SFDA Workshop will take place on June 27th, 2021.

Save the date and stay tuned:)


09.08.2020 - NEWS: Registration period for the 2nd IDF Stage for Dance Art 2021

Summer is the time you get inspired... time to be creative and you may have already started preparing your dance piece... And that is why we are now ready to announce the registration period for the 2nd IDF Stage for Dance Art

          Registration starts on 1 Januar 2021 and ends on 7 May 2021

We are already excited for every single performance of you - a classical traditional repertoire piece or a very new original choreography - the stage is ready for you!


16.06.2020 - Spring Dance Festival Videodanza Edition 2020

As a partner of the Spring Dance Fstival - Videodanza Edition 2020, we were happy to see many different and creative works and want to congratulate everyone for the work, the passion and the creativity in their video dance performances and projects. As a video dance we have chosen to present on our website and so give an online platform to:

Asia De Septis / Giacomo Buffoni - I need a break

watch the video here

The idea, that every sound could be music and every place could be a dance floor is so joyful and clearly presented. The video editing and the different perspectives make the story colorful, and yet the dance technique of the dancer could be seen.

An Invitation for a participation to IDF Stage for Dance Art 2021 in Germany, were awarded to:

1. Aurora Scarsi - Lovely youth

Chosen for the wonderful fluidity of movement, in which music and choreography form a synergy. Graceful dancing and a strong self-confident performance.

2. Helena Mongodi - Lontana da me

Chosen for the beautiful interpretation, very good dance technique and musicality.


10.06.2020 - Happy NEWS: Save the Date for the IDF Stage for Dance Art 2021

Das Datum des Tanzfestivals Stage for Dance Art steht fest und wir freuen uns sehr Sie alle am

26. Juni 2021

da zu sehen und wir zusammen das Tanzevent zu erleben und genießen. Save the Date and Dance ❤️